Santander is an ideal place for running. Its long promenades, its parks and its views make it into an ideal setting for any lover of this sport.




The cycle lanes turn the city into a perfect place for bike-lovers. If you don’t have a bicycle, don’t worry, there are many points around the city where you can hire one. In recent year, the bicycle has become the transport method chosen by many for exercise at the same time as enjoying the scenery and the streets of Santander.

Deportes acuaticos


The Cantabrian coastal orographic conditions make it perfect for harbours where people can fish and carry out water sports, virtually all year long.
In the same way, there are many beaches in Cantabria where you can surf. The beaches of Los Locos in Suances, Canallave in Liencres, First and Second of El Sardinero in Santander, Merón and San Vicente de la Barquera or Berria in Santoña stand out. In Santander itself, in addition to Surfing Schools such as Sardinero, Molinucos or Ahau Surf School, you will also find the Puertochico marina, right in the centre of the city.



The tradition of playing golf in the region and the fact that one of the all-time great golfers in the world, Severiano Ballesteros was born in Cantabria, has contributed to the boom of this sport and the proliferation of golf courses laid out in exceptional natural settings. Cantabria currently has nine golf courses: