casco antiguo

In the Old Town

This area is mainly made up of calle Arrabal and the parallel street, calle del Medio. It is an area that is very close to the Plaza Porticada, which stands out due to its many bars serving ‘pinchos’ or skewered snacks. If you like dining on snacks while drinking a few glasses of wine in a peaceful ambience, do not forget to stroll around this area. The Mercado del Este is also nearby, along with other bars of the same style that will satisfy your hunger.

puerto chico

Puerto Chico area

This area covers a large number of streets that offer a wide variety of bars and restaurants with different styles.

Many people start off the night in Puertochico, moving on to the streets Hernán Cortés, Peña Herbosa or Bonifaz, all parallel to each other. The first two are characterised by their bars and restaurants for having either snacks or ‘tapas’ or a set meal, while the last street stands out for its restaurants with menus for sampling all kinds dishes stand out.

The streets Arrabal and del Medio, also belong to this area, both very close to the Plaza Porticada and that stand out for their bars serving skewered snacks. Nearby is the Mercado del Este and other bars of the same style. If you like dining on snacks in a peaceful ambience, do not forget to stroll around this area.


Plaza Cañadío

Many people start the night off here. If you have dined in any of the nearby streets and you are looking for a place to have a drink while chatting to friends, this is your place, without any doubt. If the night livens up, you can move on to any of the places around the square or in its adjacent streets.

rio pila

Río de la Pila

Did you know that “La Marejada” was born in this area? It was a movement that took place in the decades of the 1970s-1980s, ranging from punk to techno-pop. There is nothing left now, but it continues to be one of the favourite streets for young people. The most avant-garde bars share space with the most alternative ones.


Calle del Sol

If you are looking for an ambience that is completely different to the previous one, this is your street. Bars of different styles where, if you are lucky, you will be able to enjoy live music. A good area, both if you want to enjoy good music, or if you are looking for a more peaceful place where you can talk.


El Sardinero

Although many associate it only with the promenade and the beach, El Sardinero is a good area if you are looking for somewhere to have a drink in a peaceful ambience. You can enter any of the bars and dine while having a glass of wine, have an ice cream, or if you prefer, go to the Casino and enjoy a completely different night.

paseo zorrilla

Calle Pasadizo Zorrilla

En un entorno alternativo entre las calles Bonifaz y Santa Lucía donde puedes encontrar diferentes locales en los que disfrutar de conversaciones con amigos y buena música. Cerca de la plaza Cañadío y de muchos pubs y discotecas donde terminar la noche.