Exhibition and Convention Centre

Located at El Sardinero, this convention centre covering over 9,000 m², devotes around 6,420 m² to an exhibition area laid out in two superimposed spaces. The first of them, is the so-called El Sardinero Room, an open-plan room located on the first floor and which, thanks to curtains that are moved using rails, different areas may be created.

On the lower level, is the Bahia Room, illuminated by a window through which a sunken garden may be contemplated, creating a feeling of spaciousness. The space is made up of a more enclosed area that can be used for exhibitions, workshops or for developing activities, as it can be divided up into smaller spaces up to 11 rooms measuring 100 m² each- thanks to acoustic panels.

Another of the areas worth mentioning in the Exhibition Centre is the conference hall, with room for over 260 people, a space indicated for conventions, presentations or conferences.

Palacio de exposiciones

The Centre also has a classroom with room for 28 people, a meeting room for 14 people, a terrace, an access hall with information area, cafeteria, kitchen for catering fitted with ovens, hot cabinets and a dishwasher.

Further information on its website or by calling +34 942 290 040.