The Botin Centre

The Botín Centre is an art centre designed by the Pritzker prize-winning architect, Renzo Piano, in collaboration with Luis Vidal + architects. It is located in a privileged place in Santander and using a more widespread urban intervention, Renzo Piano has managed to integrate the centre of the city and the historical Jardines de Pereda with its bay.

The building, with a total built surface area of 8,739 m², is structured around two volumes connected together by a structure of squares and walkways, the Pachinko.

The western access is dedicated to art, with two exhibition halls that make up a surface area of 2,500 m2; and the eastern area is devoted to cultural and training activities, with an auditorium for 300 people, classrooms, work spaces and a rooftop terrace from which some unique views over Santander and its bay may be enjoyed.

The Botín Centre is a meeting place in the centre of the city which, with art, music, film dance, theatre and literature, livens up the life of the city, strengthening its social and cultural fabric.

For this reason, the building itself is just as important as the public spaces that have been created around it, thanks to the construction of a tunnel that is 219 metres long and the refurbishment and extension of the hundred-year-old Jardines de Pereda that have doubled in size and tripled their green areas, extending down to the sea.

Both actions have strengthened the visual connection between the historical centre of Santander and the bay, freeing up a harbour area closed to the public and used for car parking.



  • All the activities, programmes and events organised by the different departments of the Botín Foundation and those in which we participate directly as organisers or collaborators are developed in the Botín Centre.
  • The sponsors of the Botín Centre, according to their category and the benefits acquired, may hold any type of event, at no cost.
  • Regarding external events by companies, institutions, associations, etc. that want to hold events in a unique space surrounded by art, emotions and creativity, this will be possible whenever they are accompanied by one of the activities that we propose and we can analyse the suitability of the space for the proposed event beforehand.



  • Auditorium: A unique space with a height of 7 metres, located on the first floor of the Eastern entry point, with a very flexible configuration, suitable for hosting events such as dance shows, concerts, audiovisual performances, including banquets, cocktail parties, presentations, etc.
  • Auditorium Hall: Annex to the auditorium, it is separated from it by a moveable glass wall, allowing a cosier space to be available, while maintaining the unique views over the bay. Likewise, it is flexible, allowing it to be used as a rest area, for coffee breaks or cocktails as it has a backup kitchen.
  • Multi-purpose Rooms: These spaces, located on the second floor of the western access point, are made up of 4 rooms that may be combined, two by two. Their windows allow views over the Jardines de Pereda or the bay over the auditorium.
  • The Botín Centre Cafe: It is the Botín Centre’s gastronomic space, located in a unique setting, with views over the Jardines de Pereda and the sea. It has a fresh, up-to-date, high quality menu with which you can breathe, taste and become inspired in an unbeatable setting. With cosy furnishings and with floor to ceiling windows.



We want the events held at the Botín Centre to always be accompanied, contextualised and enriched by our art centre’s mission, which consists of taking advantage of the potential of art to influence the development of the public’s creativity. All the acts that are held in our spaces will be accompanied by an activity related to art, emotions and creativity.

We want everyone who comes to the Centre to be able to access the art, helping them to feel in harmony with it, through the actions that we propose and attempting to encourage creativity, aimed at improving their lives and their professional and personal environments.

With this purpose, we offer a complete programme of activities for everyone (professionals, young people, families, etc.), with activities that awaken curiosity and imagination, in turn promoting the learning process.

Our proposals are:

  • A guided visit to the exhibitions that we are showing at the time and to the building, the first construction in Spain by the Pritzker prize-winning Italian architect, Renzo Piano (1 hour).
  • A musical concert, either classical or other music styles in a spectacular auditorium, with some unique views over the bay of Santander.
  • A training activity related to arts, emotions and creativity, to be held in the auditorium or in the multi-purpose rooms. Our training model is unique and developed by the BC in collaboration with the University of Yale.



Any of the abovementioned proposals may be complemented with a gastronomic experience, served by the Botín Centre Café; located in a unique setting with a fresh, up-to-date, high quality menu with which you can breathe, taste and become inspired in an unbeatable setting. Carlos Crespo and the Chef Álex Ortiz have extensive experience in the sector and they have many successful projects between them. This space offers a top quality experience, a reflection of the values of excellence, proximity and innovation of the Botín Centre. In terms of the requirements, it offers:

  • Breakfasts, coffee breaks
  • Lunches
  • Cocktails or Spanish wine
  • Dinners, banquets



Booking of spaces, check availability and manage activities:

Booking of guided visits: